Soundpost tools

Hand-forged, patterned after an old English design. Rounded edges, finest workmanship, superb balance, gunmetal finish.
45,00  excl. VAT
With a reinforced, double-layered head for improved control when making fine adjustments. Nickel-platet, rounded edges. For 1/8 – 3/4 size violins.    
From: 8,00 
Made of stainless steel with rounded edges. Stiff but still bendable. The traditional, English-style head is ideal for making fine adjustments in the position of the sound­post. Excellent tapping power due to the hefty head. The rounded flanks prevent the sound­post from being damaged.
From: 19,00 

Inside Calliper

Article no.: 700110
To determine the correct soundpost length. Fits through the f-holes.
From: 17,00 
8,00  excl. VAT

Soundpost Retriever

Article no.: 700108
For removing loose soundposts.
From: 16,00 
Nickel-plated, plastic grip.
750,00  excl. VAT

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