Stradivari Varnish

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Hardcover, 387 pp, 42.9 x 30.5cm
The text is English and German
This outstanding project was realised by Brigitte Brandmair and Peter-Stefan Greiner. It was greatly supported by violin dealers and experts, directors and curators of various instrument collections, private instrument owners as well as participating scientific institutions.
The book is arranged in three sections. The research results of Brandmair and Greiner are presented in this book in the articles “The Build-up of Layers in Stradivaris Varnish” by Stefan-Peter Greiner (41 pages) and “Foundations of Classical Cremonese Violin Varnishes” by Brigitte Brandmair (91 pages).
The third section presents a pictures circle of 219 pages. Displayed are twenty-one outstanding instruments expertly shot by the photographer Jan Röhrmann. They are presented in chronological order to provide a representative cross-section of Antonio Stradivaris work, whereas the first instrument is a Nicolò Amati and the last one a Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù.
List of Instruments: publication Stradivari Varnish
1649 Nicolò Amati “Alard” Ashmolean Museum Oxford
1666 Antonio Stradivari “Back” RAM London
1672 Antonio Stradivari “Mahler” (va) Habisreutinger-Stiftung Switzerland
1679 Antonio Stradivari “Hellier” KHM Vienna
1683 Antonio Stradivari “Cipriani Potter” Ashmolean Museum Oxford
1688 Antonio Stradivari “Hill-Guitar” Ashmolean Museum Oxford
1690 Antonio Stradivari “Medici” (va) Accademia della Galleria di Firenze
1690 Antonio Stradivari “Medici” (vc) Accademia della Galleria di Firenze
1692 Antonio Stradivari “Longuet” CdlM Paris
1696 Antonio Stradivari “Archinto” (va) RAM London
1704 Antonio Stradivari “Sleeping Beauty”LB Baden-Württemberg
1709 Antonio Stradivari “Viotti” RAM London
1714 Antonio Stradivari “Smith Quersin” OENB Vienna
1716 Antonio Stradivari “Medici” Accademia della Galleria di Firenze
1716 Antonio Stradivari “Messiah” Ashmolean Museum Oxford
1717 Antonio Stradivari “Suggia” (vc)Habisreutinger-Stiftung Switzerland
1720 Antonio Stradivari “Kux Castelbarco” (va) RAM London
1724 Antonio Stradivari “Sarasate” CdlM Paris
1734 Antonio Stradivari “Gibson” (va) Habisreutinger-Stiftung Switzerland
1734 Antonio Stradivari “Habeneck” RAM London
1742 Guarneri del Gesù “Alard” CdlM P