Siberian Bow Hair, White

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Deluxe quality to meet the highest standards.

Until the beginning of the 1900s, premium quality white bow hair usually came from Siberia. For decades, Siberian horse hair has not been available. We are pleased to be able to offer this high-quality product once again.

The expertise needed to produce high quality bundles of bow hair is not available in Siberia at the moment. Currently, the raw hair bales are transported to China to be dressed and bundled there.

The Chinese companies we import from have a long tradition of excellence in the horse hair dressing field. This guarantees that the Siberian hair our customers receive has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Absolutely all short hair and virtually all defective hair has been removed.

The quality of Siberian hair is comparable to Mongolian hair, making it a significantly better value.

Bundles weigh approx. 0.5 kg. The exact weight of the bundles vary. You will be invoiced according to the exact weight of the bundle you receive.

Prices mentioned are per kg!

(BP 399.90 €/1 kg)


Weight: 500g