Oil varnishing assortment I, for a Double bass


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Complete assortment for varnishing a Double bass
This is a complete collections, which includes all materials for varnishing a Double bass – from staining until polishing. You will also receive detailed Varnishing instructions, which you approach to varnish a Double bass, step by step.

The full assortment includes the following material:
sandpaper to woodworking, gelatin (pre-stain), Antique stain 421, Staining sponge,primer varnish, varnish, in the color you wish, coating varnish, dilution, Grip poilsh, Varnishing brush, rottenstone to grind, polishing oil, varnish cleaner, Polish.

Prior knowledge:
With the oil varnish can each get a good varnishing result.
The varnish can be very good and easy paint.