Musafia Luxury Classic, viola – dart shape (made to measure)

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Dimitri Musafia started making cases in 1983 with the LUXURY CLASSIC, and in doing so created a unique style which has indisputably influenced the design of violin cases world-wide. The gracefully balanced interior shape, rope cording, quilted padding and beige-on-color chromatic scheme have now all been more or less adapted by many other case manufacturers, not to mention those who have shamelessly copied the entire model itself. Copying the style at a superficial level however does not mean reproducing the quality, and the fact that this model continues to be the best-selling Musafia Cremona Italy case despite the abundance of cheap Musafia clones is proof enough. Evidently only those who have been building this case for over three and a half decades really know how to make a case of this time-proven quality. Just touching the plush velvet lining with your fingertips will confirm that it is simply without equal in terms of plushness and offers minimum abrasion to the varnish of even the most important instrument. The design offers generous placement of both thick padding and impact-absorbing foam for further protection. If so many people went to such lengths to copy the Musafia LUXURY CLASSIC, there must have been good reason. In 2014 the oblong violin model 3011 was redesigned to offer even more protection than before. The violin moved to the center of the case allows it to be better protected from bumps coming from all directions. In 2019 it was re-designed again, vastly increasing the space for accessories, with a shoulder rest holder outside the main compartment and an elastic to hold string packets (violin model only). Available in classic oblong and dart shape formats, for the violin and for the viola, as well as for two violins and violin plus viola.
DESIGN Classic, elegant styling and instrument placement with strategic foam impact absorbing structures to protect it from impact in all directions. Closed accessory box(es) on long-lasting brass hinging for mutes, tuning fork, etc.. Deep quilted padding dart-shape models have area for shoulder rest (with Velcro – replaceable).