Japanese Sculpting and Scroll Gouge, Inside Bevel

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Push-style carving gouges for instrument-making and light-duty carving. The thin, laminated blades are finishground but have not yet been sharpened. The conical tangs are integrated into the handles to allow you to hold the tool close to the blade and improvecontrol of the tool. Akagashi (Japanesered oak) handle. The high hardness (62RC) of the blades requires that these gouges be handled with extra care to avoid chipping their cutting edges.

Japanese Gouges (Nomi)
Precision woodcarving requires sharp carving tools which are comfortable to work with and are able to hold their edge for a long period of time. Japanese carving tools made of double-layered steel display exactly these properties, making them an excellent choice for numerous carving applications.

Blade length 60 – 80 mm, overall length 190 – 210 mm, blade thickness 2 – 3.5 mm.


Blade width(mm) / Overall length(mm) / Sweep(mm)

6 / 60 / 3, 12 / 65 / 3, 6 / 65 / 11