Italian oil varnish, coating

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JOHA ® Italian Oil varnish is a varnish based on an old Italian recipe. As a solvent, mainly essential oils and balms were used that yield a soft lacquer, which does not lose its suppleness after drying. The combination of soft elastic resins and essential oils as a solvent gives an excellent varnish. The composition was chosen so that after the solvent evaporates the resins do not become brittle, but for an even elastic lacquer. The JOHA ® Italian oil varnish through its elasticity is a tool which gives a very good vibrancy, soft tone resonance and a nice appearance. JOHA ® Italian oil varnish takes a long time to dry and can be pressure-sensitive in heat due to the soft resins.
Previous experience:
We recommend you practice applying this varnish, as the surfaces dry quickly and, which makes it more difficult to apply.


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