Herdim® Tone Hole Reamer Set, Spiral Cutting Edges

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Cleanly cut tone holes improve both the tonal clarity and appearance of flutes, clarinets and oboes. The spiral cutting edges of the Herdim reamers allow perfectly round holes with finely finished surfaces to be cut, even in wood with difficult grain. The spiral cutting edges eliminate chatter during use, the HSS blades (62 HRC) allow maximal sharpness and edge life. The overlapping diameter ranges make starting the cuts easier. Polished rosewood handles. In wooden case.

In a wood case: 2 x 3,25 / 3 x 4,25 / 4 x 5,25 mm / 5 x 6,25 / 6 x 7,25 / 7 x 8,25 mm.