Guardelli SWAROVSKI viola Boxwood / Boxwood 7pcs set

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AquamarineAquamarineAquamarineBlack DiamondBlack DiamondBlack DiamondChrysoliteChrysoliteChrysoliteCrystalCrystalCrystalKhakiKhakiKhakiLight AmethystLight AmethystLight AmethystLight PeachLight PeachLight PeachLight RoseLight RoseLight RoseLight SapphireLight SapphireLight SapphireTopazTopazTopaz
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Viola 7pcs Set, Boxwood / Boxwood / Heart pegs, French tailpiece, endpin, Guarneri chinrest, stainless  stel screw.

Please select your SWAROVSKI crystal color choice on the pegs, endpin and tailpiece from the color chart below ..