Double bass procedure for the construction

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Amelio Cicuttini born in Friuli (Italy) in 1922, graduated in chemical engineering at the University of Padua, had a long international career joint with a parallel interest for the restoration of ancient furniture and classical paintings. After retirement, pushed by the musicality of the family, the presence of the string instruments, the beauty of their wood, thei superb architecture and the mystery of the production of their sound, he decided to go to Cremona and learn the violin making procedure “sub disciplina” of the great master Francesco Bissolotti, dedicated to the classical method of the internal mould.
Guide and source of ispiration for the author have been the classic publications edited by Hill of London, the celebrated Simone Fernando Sacconi, Weissar and Shipman, present publications and an intensive activity with his master in Cremona. Complementary tot the costruction of the instruments the author has elaborated this methodology and shop procedures for the costructionof the Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass, indispensable guide for a correct sequence of work and assurance of the right data for each model specifically programmed.

Chapters of text:
1 – preparation of the mould and block
2 – ribs
3 – linings
4 – back
5 – front
6 – F holes
7 – bassbar
8 – assembling the back to the ribs
rib and blockes preparation
gluing the back
9 – taking off the mould (and finish ribs structure)
10 – gluing the front
11 – outiline
12 – purfling
13 – fluting
14 – saddle
15 – neck
16 – fingerboard nut and neck (shaping and gluing)
17 – end botton
18 – neck fitting
19 – botton and neckfoot
20 – preparation before varnishing
21 – varnish
22 – pegs
23 – finition of the neck
24 – finition of the saddle
25 – Bridge
26 -sound post
27 – colouring of the F-holes edges and the pegbox
28 – setup the bass with bridge tailpiece and strings