Bow Hair, White

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There are numerous mysteries to the art of making musical instruments. Many violin makers would agree that it is precisely these unsolved puzzles that fuel their continued passion for their profession. The proper method of selecting, washing and tying bow hair is one of those mysteries. There have been countless debates as to which regions of the world produce the best hair and which techniques are the best for processing it. Our supplier in Inner Mongolia, undoubtedly one of the best regions for the production of high-quality hair, has devised a new method of packaging hair bundles to better preserves the hair’s natural properties. Rather than tying the bundles using cotton thread, they wrap them in paper. This pre-serves the surface texture of the hair and allows it to remain completely straight. The „wrapped in paper” quality hair we import is drawn from the highest quality raw bales by our supplier’s most experienced staff members. Our extensive tests have confirmed that the hair is of the finest quality. Of course, we cannot be sure whether this is in fact due to its paper wrapping. Perhaps the spirit of the wild, rolling Mongolian plains has been wrapped into the bundles. Perhaps it is simply better left as a mystery.

Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region in China with 22.3 million inhabitants (capital city: Hohhot). The sickle-shape province lies just to the southeast and east of the Republic of Mongolia (capital city: Ulan Bator). Cattle and horse farming is a very important part of the region?s economy, the herds total over 1.5 million horses and 3.7 million cattle.
Bundles weigh approx. 0.5 kg. The exact weight of the bundles vary. You will be invoiced according to the exact weight of the bundle you receive.

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Weight: 500g

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